Overseas delivery

Hi. I have just ordered a 2019 Crystal White Pearl V90 Inscription T5. I will be traveling from Utah USA to Sweden in August to take delivery and then touring parts of Europe in my new car. I am very excited. This is my first Volvo. I have owned a lot of makes and models but have considered myself a Buick guy. I have owned several and I own 2 now. One is a 1983 Riviera convertible that I purchased new and I have owned for 35 years. It is still like new even thought it has 140K miles. I will keep this car as long as I live. But I am really anticipating my new Volvo. I really hope it is worth the wait. After my trip to Sweden it will take until late November to receive the car back in Salt Lake City. I feel like I am waiting for Christmas. I am glad to have found this forum.