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Hello From Fort Worth ,Texas ! I have a coolant problem?


New member
fort Worth
United States
What I Drive
2017 s90 T6
I drive a 2017 S90 T6, which I absolutely love it. This year is my first year of any problems even at 160k mileage. I have a coolant leak and I'm not sure where it's coming from. I recently changed the thermostat and water pump with a new seal on my manifold, (watched a great video on YouTube) completed the swap with no problem. I know with high mileage these parts usually go out around this time, so I thought that was the problem. I noticed no leaks around the parts, around the same area before I changed everything. I did notice before I added the coolant it started to drip before I even started the car . Alot of coolant dripped on the ground.
I test drove the car half a mile to a auto store to get more coolant, the fan came on and alarm stating reduce speed engine is hot. I made it to the auto store, let the car cool down before adding more coolant. Driving back home it happened again.Making it home safely, there I couldn't locate ,but see coolant on parts .
What should I do ,I don't have the funds to take it to a shop ,
thanks for any advice .

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